Beauty Post! (face + lashes)

I get so many messages asking about what beauty products I use, so I thought I could do a little blog about it :) I will include some photos + direct shopping links for you as well! 


First things first, your face. Maskcara beauty is the This is not your traditional foundation by any means. You will seriously thank me later for this. 

Products you'll want to purchase for your complete facial look:



Lip + Cheek


Setting Powder



These products are applied in thin layers. The buffy brush works awesome to apply highlight + contour. ALWAYS set your highlight with setting powder using the blush + bronzer brush, or stay spray to prevent any creasing and make it last all day. 

A little goes a long way with the blushes + illuminators. 2 options for illuminators, cream or powder. The powders are more dramatic than the cream, creams tend to be more of a natural glow so keep that in mind if you are looking through the site :) (blush +b bronzer brush for these) 



The colors I have are: 

Highlight: White Peach

Contour: Olive

Lip + Cheek: Pink Grapefruit, Dahlia 

Illuminator: Pearl, Honey, Glamazing 

Setting Powder: Vanilla Dust 


1000% recommend building your own pallet. You receive a FREE HAC stack compact of your choosing. Tons of awesome colors to choose from, I have the Geode! Here is a link to shop my party!


Check out these before & afters 











I truly feel naked without lashes, but gluing them on every day gets old real fast. Lash extensions weren't my thing, I'm not one for upkeep and I have HORRIBLE allergies so we didn't mix. I reached out to my girlfriend Jen, who knows all the info about magnetic lashes and she hooked me up with the most phenomenal stuff ever! The brand is called Tori Belle Cosmetics. These are cling on, cling off magnetic lashes that are SO easy. Zero harm is done to your lashes which is awesome.  


How it works: pick your eyeliner + lash bundle. You will choose from black, brown or gray liner, and then the set of lashes you like. The eyeliner is waterproof, smudgeproof, latex-free and magnetic! It glides on smooth and stays on. No running, fading or flaking. They come with super easy and specific instructions of how to apply. 


I love "selfie" and "ladies night" -- if your are on the fence about magnetic lashes but wear others, you should definitely try these. The lash itself is so soft. Here is a link to shop!


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