I have had a few ladies ask about the makeup products that I use so I figured I would blog about it! I use Maskcara. It is phenomenal. The coverage is amazing, and the technique is even better. It is not your typical makeup, and that's what I love about it. The storage and amount of room it takes up is so minimal, you will be thanking me for that I promise! Since these products are applied so uniquely, they will last months! 
Here is the link to purchase! 
Artist ID: 564660 
When purchasing, I HIGHLY recommend doing the pallet builder. There are 4 options in doing so. Depending on your needs, choose the one that fits you best. The makeup comes in tins, these are magnetic and fit perfectly into the pallets. The pallets also come in adorable designs! It is so nice having everything you need in one place! They are so compact and need that they will fit right in the drawer and not take up a ton of room. 
Here is a simple look that I love! Products/colors are listed below. 
Products used in this photo: 
Highlight: White Peach
Contour: Olive
Cheek: Dahlia 
Illuminator: Pearl + Honey 
Bronzer: Bella 
Eyes: Midnight + London Matte 
 ** Please check out this how to video before applying. 
Say goodbye to full face foundation and caking other products on top! I have noticed a significant difference in my complexion since switching to these products. The appearance of my face is sooo smooth with a flawless finish. Applying this new way is different for sure, but after a time or two you will get the hang of it and fall in love and wish you started using this sooner! 

If you have any questions or need a color match, please email me! 






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