Boutique Shopping// Why we should "Shop Small"

When you think of the mall + shopping, what comes to mind? American Eagle, Express, Forever 21 - the basic department stores. Your mind skips over the small local boutiques and shops. The department store shops offer great styles (& pricing) that EVERYONE and their Mother is wearing. Style is so unique and a great way of expressing yourself. Why would we want to shop places that 9/10 times could end up at an event wearing the same outfit as someone else? As Dr. Seuss once said, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?" and it is so true. Find a style that is YOU


& so this is why boutiques are the "stuff"... 



A boutique is often a hidden GEM. They develop purely out of a founder's product passion. Boutiques are small specialized stores. Usually they are small store, one or two locations, OR like L+F an online shop. Just because they are small, doesn't mean you should skip over them! They have smaller inventories and are run by small business owners rather than large corporations. Since boutiques carry a smaller inventory, they are able to keep up with the latest trends while switching out inventory more frequently. My favorite thing about boutique shops is that they are unique. You will find original pieces that you wouldn't necessarily see when walking around in a large crowd and discover brands that you will fall in love with and wouldn't have come across otherwise. Boutiques have SO MUCH TO OFFER! 




1. Unique + Quality Styles 

When you shop at a chain, you are purchasing items that are worn around the WORLD. When you shop boutiques, you get hand-picked items that are higher quality and unique. You will not find these amazing styles in a department store, amazon, etc. They are one of a kind styles. Love at first sight. Some clothes, some shoes, some jewelry - love at first sight. 


2. Excellent Customer Service 

You get one-on-one attention and the help you need. We know the store (or website) and all of the items insides and out. We are in touch with the overall vision of the store/business. Because of the small selection, we get to know the designer brands and cuts of the items and how they fit quite well. We listen to your wants/needs and new items you want to see in the store. (& quite frankly- the sales we run are literally the best)  


3. Personal Relationships 

One of the best perks of shopping small is the friendships + relationships you make. You get the opportunity to meet the owner behind the scenes and hear their story. The owner gets the opportunity to meet the lovely clientele and shoppers. I get it- not everyone is a people person and some don't like being bothered while shopping. YOU ARE DEF MISSING OUT, though. Let them push you out of your comfort zone. Try on things you normally wouldn't that the stylist suggests. Live on the edge. Stay in touch. 


4. Supporting Local + Small Businesses 

When you shop at a small business, an actual person does a happy dance! This is SO true for me. Supporting a small business helps individuals like me pursue their dreams. Some boutique owners invest there lives into their store. Why not help them while they help you with some amazing styles and designs? It's a done deal. #ShopSmallBigDreams 


5. You'll become a Trendsetter. You'll become a Trendsetter. You'll become a Trendsetter.

Should I repeat it again? Earlier I mentioned clothing being love at first sight. If you feel that way, odds are a girlfriend or stranger on the street will think the same and ask you where you got your lovely "love at first sight" item from! Which, HOW FLATTERING!? Set trends. Be you. Be amazing. 



The boutique experience is truly so different in so many (good) ways. I challenge you to check out some of your local boutiques (instore/online) this month. You will not regret it, and that's a promise!  



"Life is short, make every outfit count" 



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