Winter Clothing Essentials

Winter weather got you down? Sure, there's Christmas, New Years, Holiday music and decor; but there are also long, dark, cold days that make some of us go down in the dumps. How do we stay warm yet trendy? Cozy yet cute?
I am ALWAYS frozen... give me the biggest, fuzziest, warmest piece you can find! If you are like me, this post will be GREAT for you. If you find you actually have the opposite problem of always ROASTING even in the winter, this post will probably make you bead with sweat just reading it. 
The first rule to dressing warm but stylish in winter is layering. BUT- how do we do this without looking bulky & stiff? Let's not forget DULL, either. 


Layering without the bulk! LIGHT layers is key. Use multiple light layers. Although it may seem smart to pile chunky sweaters and a cozy coat to be the warmest... lets face it, we need to be able to move! 


Let's start with a b a r e l y there base. Think "fine knit" and snug. Next, grab your favorite vest, crop top, sweater, open or knotted button down, blazer or cardigan. Find a cool texture or pattern since this layer will be the most visible.  Adding your coat should be easy. I have a quick walk from the parking garage to my office and then my coat is hung the rest of the day. So we have 2 layers, but we can't forget accessories. Winter hats are a MUST. Literally. We have an awesome wool felt panama that matches EVERYTHING and it needs to be in your closet. Leather earrings are totally IN right now, and you can't go wrong with a pair this Winter. Also, don't walk out of your house without pants. Boots, boot cuffs. 

Choosing colors to wear in the Winter. Winter is already so dark, the key to wearing colors is to choose one or two brightly colored items and then style them with neutral pieces around them. Some colors that will brighten up your winter wardrobe are (& trending) Burgundy, Mustard Yellow, Navy, Olive and Plum. 
Some of my favorite color combos are: 


 Trending Items: 


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