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The healing wish bracelet is a minimalistic string bracelet made from 100% silk string, amethyst and clear quartz crystal.

Special healing affirmation written on the back of the card. Recite it as you tie the bracelet on.

Affirmation: “I wish to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. To heal and to be healed so Imay live a long and beautiful life and to share my healing gifts with the world. I am healing, I am healed, I am a healer.”

Our 11:11 make a wish ritual:

Each bracelet has a special affirmation and meaning connected to it. This affirmation is printed on the back of the card. Tell a loved one to tie the bracelet comfortably on your left wrist with a double or triple knot. At 11:11, make your wish, read the affirmation, or have a loved one read it to you. Once it is worn, the bracelet acts as a reminder of your wish.

Included: bracelet, affirmation card, ritual card.

Not meant for small children because of small parts.

Please remove if any irritation occurs.

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